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DMT -N, N-Dimethyltryptamine is a hallucinogenic tryptamine drug that occurs naturally in certain plants. DMT has been widely used for many centuries in religious rituals and shaman practices. DMT is also often referred to as the “spirit molecule” due to the intense psychedelic trip one may experience from it. When an individual reaches that psychedelic state it is often referred to as “breaking through”.

The main effects of DMT is psychological which includes intense visuals, euphoria, and an altered sense of space, body, and time.

Direction of use:

  1. Attach to a 510 thread battery, preferably with high voltage option
  2. Shake the vape cartridge before each use
  3. Inhale slow and consistently to create a dense/thick vapour
  4. It may take 1-3 attempts to achieve a desired “break through”

General Instructions:

  • 1-2 large Pulls – Mild Experience
  • 3 large Pulls – Breakthrough

A Note about Breaking Through: When you’re taking these large pulls you’ll need to be taking 20-30 second long slow pulls, your battery will most likely need to restart over this period – simply wait for it to stop blinking and then keep inhaling afterward. The element of the tip needs to be quite hot and the more you can inhale the better. If you are still having troubles breaking through with your DMT Vape Cart make sure your battery is fully charged. You might need to find a better quality battery if difficulties continue.

Storing Suggestion: Please store in a cool and dark place, ideally a refrigerator (do not deep freeze).

15 reviews for Portal DMT Vape Pen Cartridge (.5ml / 400mg DMT)

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)


  2. jean-francois fortin

    jean-francois fortin (verified owner)

    Nice product but hard to take big puff and reach the break. But like it

  3. Ida (verified owner)

    This was interesting, and worked as expected

  4. Darren Black

    Darren Black (verified owner)


  5. Jane (verified owner)

    experience good however not long enough

  6. Eric Uren

    Eric Uren (verified owner)


  7. Anonymous (verified owner)


  8. Alexander Lauchlan

    Alex (verified owner)

    Just not up to the quality standards I was hoping for and have experienced from other vendors.

  9. Brandon S. (verified owner)

    Always on point

  10. Mike Isherwood

    Mike (verified owner)

    Not bad, but expected a little more kick.

  11. John Munro

    John (verified owner)

    Very good quality, good value. Will definitely purchase again.

  12. Louis Marchildon

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice feeling

  13. frank delcol

    Frank Delcol (verified owner)

    the molecule them selve is one of the best, but i know that they have some double cartrige (1ml/800mg) and maybe a lill’discount when we buy more than 2 or 3 cartriges Would be ‘cool’ ..

  14. magicmu

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Wow what an experience

  15. Mishkam Lamontagne

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    A little pricey. Make sur that you’r not on antidepressor or it will have little to no effects at all.

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