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Canada’s #1 Online LSD Dispensary is Canada’s most reputable and top rated online psychedelics dispensary. We are Canada’s experts on all things psychedelics, ACID, LSD, DMT and Shrooms. Whether you are using LSD for therapeutic purpose or for experimental purpose to unlock your mind you’ve come to the right place. We make it safe and easy to discreetly buy LSD online in Canada. We offer Free Fast Expedited Shipping on all orders over $99!

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Whether you are looking for a great trip with friends or the potential to unlock your brain with new discoveries about yourself or the universe, we have Canada’s highest quality LSD available. Many people around the world are turning to LSD for micro-dosing to help them increase their creativity, gain focus for work or relationship, or just general feeling of well-being. If you looking for more than micro-dosing, a full macro-dose will let you explore new thoughts and perhaps even break some of your bad life patterns. Many people are taking trips on LSD to explore their inner mind and feel connected to nature and the world.

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Is it safe to buy LSD online in Canada?
Yes! It’s far safer to buy LSD and psychedelics online than to meet your “guy” on the street. We source the best products with high quality ingredients and processes to ensure Canadians are getting the best value for their money. All products are discreetly sealed in packages to ensure potency and safety. Your package is shipped according to shipping couriers recommended best practices and are able to be tracked step-by-step to your location. Authorities cannot interfere with package because the Post Office Corporation Act stops them from getting warrants to seize mail unless there is evidence of national security risk. To date, no one in Canada has been arrested or had any issues receiving LSD in the mail.

Safe, secure and absolutely discreet!
We understand the importance of your privacy when it comes to psychedelic products. All our products are shipped with plain packaging that does not display what the contents are. This ensures safety for you and your order. With undetectable delivery and safe transaction data
encrypting we ensure your privacy and security is our utmost importance. Our customer support team is on standby during normal business hours to ensure any issues are taken care of as soon as possible.

Can I trust your site?
Absolutely yes! We have a team of dedicated customer service folks who are here to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your experience buying LSD online. We have an independent third-party review system to ensure customers are satisfied. If you have concerns about our products or our service please reach out to us immediately.

What is a micro-dose exactly?
A micro-dose means to take a very small (sub-perceptual) amount of LSD (also called Acid). Sub-perceptual means that you will not feel any different from your normal self, you will not feel high. This typically is 1/20th to 1/10th of a normal dose. It is proven in multiple studies that this small amount of LSD helps will help improve your cognition and mood and sometimes even reducing pain.

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All orders over $99 receive free Expedited shipping (lowest free shipping minimum in Canada). You can enjoy our mail-order LSD service from the comforts of your home anywhere within Canada. We ship coast-to-coast to provide access to all Canadians. Once we receive your order,
your order will be shipped with Canada Post ensuring fast and secure delivery. Tracking number is provided for every order we ship, this ensures you are aware of where your order is at all times.