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Enjoy the convenience of having top-grade LSD-25 in a convenient vial dropper making it an easy way to consume and control the desired dosage.

Our 1ml LSD bottles contain 40 half-dose (50mcg) drops. Each drop is accurately dosed to be 50 mcg which is considered a half-dose.

Store in a refrigerator or some place dark and cool place for best results.

What is LSD/Acid?
LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) or Acid is a potent psychedelic that is made from lysergic acid found in ergot (a fungus that grows on rye and other grains).

LSD was first synthesized in 1938 by a Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann, when he accidentally absorbed the substance and discovered its powerful hallucinogenic effects. After Hoffman’s discovery, he devoted a majority of his research on the therapeutic effects of LSD. The drug was heavily studied from the 1950s to 1970s and used for treatment of variety of disorders such as anxiety, depression, psychosomatic diseases and addiction. The drug eventually made its way into the counterculture of the 60’s and 70’s, where it became highly stigmatized and eventually classified as a schedule 1 drug and research for the substance came to a halt.

In recent years, attitudes towards LSD and other psychedelics have shifted heavily and research began to resurface due to the overwhelming evidence of the benefits these compounds can unlock.

Benefits of consuming LSD:
Over the past decade, scientists have started to uncover how LSD can help sick people in a multitude of ways such as treating addiction, depression, and reducing anxiety.

Psychedelics can make the healthy healthier as well. Although this is personal and everyone’s experiences will differ, some early study results show that LSD usage can make us kinder, calmer, and better at home and in the workplace. LSD can help us solve problems with more creativity and make us more open-minded by “thinking outside the box” and stepping away from our ingrained habits. It is not uncommon for people to report a greater sense of gratitude towards life and being more generous after an LSD trip. Some experiments have even shown that patients have had their personalities changed forever in a positive way from a single dose. These people described being more optimistic about life and having a new sense of purpose that’s also allowed them to improve their relationships.

8 reviews for LSD Liquid 1ml Bottle 2000 mcg

  1. jean-francois fortin

    jean-francois fortin (verified owner)

    Wow. Great product. I took 400ug and I trip like never before. I usually take 3-4 blotters but there is nothing to see.

    I recommend

  2. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Incredible product. I do recommend, more than less.

  3. Curtis Kaltenbaugh

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  4. Martin (verified owner)

    It does the trick! As a micro dose, it’s perfect to continue functioning but with a mild floating sensation.

  5. Brandon S. (verified owner)

    Always on point

  6. Frank Dubé

    Frank D. (verified owner)


  7. Robin Aumont

    Robin (verified owner)


  8. Aidan (verified owner)

    4 drops on a sugar cube and I spent a few hours travelling through dimensions and examining life. The rest of the night was cool visuals… this stuff is a psychonaut’s dream come true… stick to a low dose for recreational purposes though.

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