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Looking for a fun and tasty alternative to taking LSD tabs? These LSD-infused Double Dose Mint Candies are for the more experienced users and looking for a more substantial and immersive psychedelic experience.

Dosage Instructions: For best outcome, place in mouth and let the candy dissolve on the tongue for 10-15mins. Effects can still be felt through chewing but allowing it to sit on the tongue has faster absorption. Please allow up to 45 minutes for initial effects to begin before increasing dosage.

Each Candy Mint should be taken as a whole. Do not split candy up as dosage might be unevenly distributed leading to inaccurate dosing.

  • Accurate and precise dosing (200 mcg of LSD-25)
  • Refreshing mint flavor
  • Lab tested to ensure safety and quality
  • Packed in resealable UV protected pouch

Storage: Store in a dark and cool place. Keep out of reach of children!

What is LSD and what are its Benefits?

LSD, or lysergic acid diethylamide, is a powerful psychedelic derived from lysergic acid found in ergot. Discovered in 1938 by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann, LSD was initially studied for its therapeutic effects on anxiety, depression, addiction, and psychosomatic diseases. However, after it became associated with the counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s, it was stigmatized and eventually classified as a Schedule 1 drug.

In recent years, research has resumed on LSD and other psychedelics due to the overwhelming evidence of their potential benefits. Studies have shown that LSD can help treat addiction, depression, and anxiety, and can also make healthy individuals kinder, calmer, and more open-minded. Users have reported increased creativity and problem-solving abilities, as well as greater gratitude and generosity towards life. Some patients have even experienced positive, lasting personality changes from a single dose, such as increased optimism and a new sense of purpose that improved their relationships.

LSD Edible – Double Dose Candy Mints (200ug)

1 Pack, 5 Pack

9 reviews for LSD Edible – Double Dose Candy Mints (200ug)

  1. jean-francois fortin

    jean-francois fortin (verified owner)

    Nice one

  2. Andrew Carson

    Andrew C. (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried yet

  3. james hanley

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  4. Christian Demers

    Christian Demers (verified owner)

    the effect is fast and efficient i really recommend it

  5. james hanley

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  6. Martin Foisy

    Martin Foisy (verified owner)

    expected a much bigger effect !!!

  7. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    best quality, excellent service, fast delivery! absolutely love u guys, I just don’t do it every month. once a yr kinda thing but I’ll definitely b ordering again!

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Currently tripping

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